Wales and the Marches


The Marches

The Welsh Marches” (Welsh: Y Mers) ge denotes an imprecisely defined area along and around the border between England and Wales. The English terms “Welsh March” and “the March of Wales” (in Medieval Latin Marchia Walliae) were originally used in the Middle Ages to denote a territory England and the Principality of Wales, in which Marcher lords had his own rights and ┬ácutsoms. For a long period the area was seen as being distinct from England where the Lords of the March held as much sway as the King. ┬áThe area contains a number of sheela na gig including the famous Kilpeck sheela.


Unlike the neighboring Marches Wales is something of a sheela na gig desert with only 1 definite sheela na gig and a number of possibles.