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Links to other Sheela na Gig Sites

Anthony Weir’s pages (Co author of Images of Lust).  A comprehensive and authoritative site that discusses not only sheelas but male figures and other motifs of Romanesque sculpture.

Bandia Publishing Jack Roberts website. You can buy his current book on sheela na gig figures here

Amigos del Romanico Is a website dedicated to Romanesque sculpture in Spain. Searching for sheela na gig on the site brings up many pages on Spanish Sheelas.

Romanesque Churches in Portugal This site lists a number of Romanesque churches in Portugal and some little known Portuguese sheela na gigs.

The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland. Brainchild of Professor Zarnecki this site aims to create a searchable database of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland. Includes a good picture of one of the Ely Sheelas.

Gabriel Cannon’s Sheela na gig’s of Ireland pages. Marvellous! New site with an exhaustive list of Irish Sheelas.

An article on sheela na gigs by Shae Clancy

Hortusdeliciarum(French) A site detailing a lot of exhibitionist figures in France. Lots of pictures. If you are not convinced of a connection between French figures and Sheela na gigs this site should go a long way to persuading you.

Tina Manthorpe’s Excellent Flickr group on Exhibitionist figures

Whitedragon magazine’s article on Sheelasby Jack Roberts author of the Divine Hag of the Christian Celts

Sheela na Gigs on Wikipedia

Pat O’Halloran’s pages which include some new figures of interest (check out North Grimston)

Tara’s Sheela Na Gig Page

Larissa’s Sheela Na Gig Page

Pixie Cat’s Sheela Page (Dead link but used to list some of Ivan Bunn’s research)

Kathryn Theatana’s Sheela Pages