Two new books on Sheela Na Gigs

There have been two new books on Sheela Na Gigs Released recentlyish.

Starr Goode’s Sheela Na Gig Dark Goddess of Sacred Power


Jack Robert’s update of the The Divine Hag of the Christian Celts… Island of the Sheela Na Gigs

Links to the books here

Obituary: Keith Jones

It is with great sadness that I recently found out that Keith Jones, a major contributor to this site and friend, died in March 2016.

We first met when Keith was given my email by someone I had corresponded with about sheelas and got in touch. We had a chat on the phone and found out that we only lived a few miles from each other. This was the beginning of a long partnership, going on trips around Britain chasing up leads on figures most of which came from Keith reading obscure books and journals. Keith’s enthusiasm for sheelas and green men was unbounded. He is responsible for many of the pages on this site and without his help and encouragement I doubt the site would be half the size it is today. He leaves behind many happy memories, driving slowly down a road in Shropshire surrounded by a large flock of young pheasant, being filmed searching for sheela na gigs and a truly excellent few days being taken round some Irish sheelas by Gabriel Cannon. He was also an avid caver and ornithologist.

Gorffwys mewn hedd Keith