The Kirkwall Sheela Na Gig
The Kirkwall Sheela Na Gig. By Wordandsilence1979 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

St Magnus Cathedral Kirkwall Orkney

Work on St Magnus cathedral started in 1137. The Cathedral’s founder was Earl Rognvald who supervised the earliest stages of the building during the bishopric of William the Old of Orkney (1102 – 1168). Between 1154 and 1472, Orkney was ecclesiastically under the Norwegian archbishop of Nidaros (Trondheim). Interestingly Nidaros cathedral also has a sheela na gig figure.

The Figure

The figure is situated on the  on the south west pillar of the presbytery. It is quite worn but originally would have been quite grotesque with a gaping toothless oblong mouth and what may have been a pointed head. The remains of the eyes suggest that they would have orginally been wide and staring. The remains of the right arm gesture towards the vulva. The figure’s hand is damaged but may have obscured the upper part of the vulva. The right hand gestures towards the head in a gesture not dissimilar to that of Roman depictions of the goddess Venus. Unlike the Venus figure however the sheela does not appear to have hair.

Pipe Clay Venus Caerwent
Roman Pipe Clay Venus Caerwent