The Jersey Sheela Na Gig. Copyright Rosalind le Quesne
The Jersey Sheela Na gig. Copyright Roslind Le Quesne.

Directions to this figure

This figure resides in the church of St Savior’s in Jersey. St Saviours dates from 11th century with a church recorded here in 1087. There is indication that there may have been a church here as early as the 9th century. The figure is standing with both feet pointing to the right. It is quite thickset with large upper and lower arm and a plump belly. The hands point at the groin to a crudely incised vulva which does not go all the down to the crotch. The face is basic and the head is surmounted by what appears to be a headress or hat This is trapezoidal in shape and fits closely to the head. Headgear is not unknown on Sheela Na Gigs and this adds another figure to list. The quality of the sculpture is quite crude again not uncommon with Sheelas. Unfortunately this figure sits in isolation and there is no other sculpture to compare it to. It has spent most of it’s time hidden begin a wall which may go some way to explaining its survival.

Thanks go to Rosalind Le Quesne who first suggested this figure as Sheela na Gig in the Société Jersiaise Annual Bulletin 2019 (ISSN 0141-1942) and kindly supplied the photograph above and the excellent 3d model of the figure below..