New Items of interest in Sheela Research


New Sheela Na Gig found in Yorkshire (17 Aug 2004)

Ye Olde Whitechapel in the the North in Cleckheaton Yorkshire. Unusually this figure is on a font.


Sheela na gigs : Unravelling an enigma due out soon (17 Aug 2004)

Sheela Na Gigs unraveling an enigma (Amazon) by Dr. Barbara Freitag now due for publication on 2004-10-17


New books on Sheela Na Gigs

There a two new books on Sheela Na Gigs due to be published

Sheela Na Gigs unraveling an enigma by Dr. Barbara Freitag due for publication on 2004-11-15


There is also new book called The Sacred Whore: Sheela Goddess of the Celts  by Maureen Concannon due for publication on 2004-03-15. You can get the book at Amazon.

 "New" sheela figure found at Etton

Following up a lead supplied by Mr.Christopher Seal, Keith Jones has visited the Church at Etton and come up with a photograph of what appears to be an undocumented sheela na gig figure.

 "New" Sheela Figure found in Museum of Scotland

Reported by Robin Maguire who found this figure while visiting the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Despite being part of 12th-13th Century church doorway and having obvious sheela like characteristics the museum curators do not regard this as being a Sheela Na Gig. I'll leave you to make your own mind up.


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