The Abson Male Exhibitionist Figure 

Abson Church

The village of Abson lies near Bristol in Avon. Its a tiny village consisting of little more than a few houses a farm and church. Unfortunately I couldn't get access to the church but I found out that the key is kept at the local garage a little way up the road. I chatted briefly to the couple who owned the garage and they told me that knotwork carving pictured below had generated a lot of interest in the past. The knotwork could be an indication that a saxon church may have stood here previously however Kilpeck also has a plethora of knotwork carving so it may be that it is simply common to this area. Its interesting to note that Darley Dale also has some remnant knotwork carvings as well. See below for an example of the knotwork. 

The figure itself is reminiscent of the figure at Whittlesford which has a similar crouching man next to a Sheela image. Unless you know what you are looking for the image is pretty easy to miss. A friend and I walked past it three times and only after talking to some local people who pointed us in the right direction did we find it. It can be found high up on the back of church next to three long windows (See below)

Knotwork on the church

There are at least two fragments of decorated stone embedded in the church wall in addtion to the male figure. The pictures below show the two fragments
Knotwork is also found on the church at Darley Dale.


Abson Church Wall
 Keystone decorated with Knotwork embedded in the church wall The following fragment of carved masonry is embedded in the church wall. It appears to bethe keystone of an arch decorated with some well defined knotwork.
Another knotwork fragment embedded in the church wall 
Another fragment of knotwork embedded in the church wall. This one is less well defined than the keystone and is possibly unfinished.

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